Most of the paper dolls from this DORO NINGYO collection can allocated to the miyabi washi ningyo 雅 和 紙 人形 . Not much is known about the history of these paper dolls. They are, as already indicated by their name, made of washi paper. Washi is a special, Japanese paper  handmade up to the present.

Characteristic of these washi dolls, is  at tthe face is painted rarely. However,hey are often decoratedrichly, especially on the back and with a headdress. The production of washi dolls is basically very simple. The head is made with the aid of hardened wadding shaped into a ball. The ballis then coated with a thin layer of washi. The head is set and the rest of washi cut. The lower part of the body is formed by means of wires and washi is wrapped around the neck. The rest of the body is first formed with cotton wool and then wrapped with several layers of washi. Thereafter, the Kimono is added using pre-assembled parts of washi. To get structure and  texture into the hair, the paper is carefully wrapped around long, but thin wooden sticks and pressed down gently. This creates wrinkles in the paper.

As an alternative to washi, sometimes shoji paper is used. 

Different Dolls

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